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Receiver of Services - Beneficiary,
Request no funds required work from a Service Provider

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Service Provider - Donor,
to provide no funds work for a need.

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We are most thankful for any contribution you may provide as a patron

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Help those in need!

We match a listing of your needs to a listing of donated services in order to restore disater and other related damage.

Services Across America is a company to allow a receiver of services to request no funds required work from a provider of services, in a searchable database listing with details of services required.

Posters will have the ability to post services needed with, details, description, Google map integration and blog environment to post updates, images and information of request.

Provider of Services will have ability to post information about themselves and service they can provide, as well as search for services needed. Features will include notification of a need in the selected area of service. Providers will be rated and commented on the work performed.

Site will have FEMA feeds as well as NOAA feeds of disasters. Information about our site will be posted on places like Facebook and Twitter as well as other social media sites.

We are soliciting endorsements from places like FEMA, Local & County Emergency Management, LCMS, Red Cross, Churches, etc.

Monitary Patron

We are a not-for-profit organization that accepts both financial and equipment contributions to improve our ability to provide services for those in need.

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Services Across America

Short term goal to raise funds for incorporation / 501c filling.

Springfield, OH

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